Thursday, 1 November 2007

Audrina Heats Up Les Deux For Halloween

Unlike BFF Lauren Conrad, who kept things simple in a sexy sailor get-up, Audrina Partridge went all out with her costume in celebration of Halloween at Hypnotiq's Hollywood Halloween party at Les Deux last night.

Dancing and chatting the night away with singer Christina Milian (whose costume was similar to The Hills star's), the twosome schmoozed it up with fellow clubbers during the evening, and before heading out, Audrina responded to recent comments about the MTV show which claim the programme is staged, saying:

"Everything is real. Lauren and me are real friends. We live in our apartment. That's real, like where we work, everything. The situations are real." However, Audrina does admit that the producers "tweak it a little" by recommending they go to certain places on certain nights. "I mean, they might be kinda like, 'Okay, we want you to go to Les Deux tonight,' so we go and whatever happens, happens. And they might do things to tweak it a little bit, but our reactions - it's totally real. It's reality."

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