Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Speidi Dress Up For Hallo'ween

Oh dear. Happy Hallo'ween, everyone - let's celebrate with some more posed shots of Heidi Montag and greaseball fiancée Spencer Pratt, Hollywood's most loathed man. Heidi & Spencer (now attractively nicknamed 'Speidi' - oh I love the onomatopoeia) got 'accidentally' snapped heading to a friend's Hallo'ween party near Santa Monica this past Sunday...coincidentally dressed in head-to-toe. Even bigger the coincidence was that Heidi's enormous breasts were on show...again. Ugh.

Heidi went as The Little Mermaid (but still managed to look like a slut), and Spencer went dressed in a full Spider-man outfit.

When asked whose party they were on their way to, the couple replied (hilariously), "Britney Spears".

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