Thursday, 8 November 2007

Beverly Hills Hotel Immune to Lauren Conrad's Charms

Don't expect to see reality TV riff-raff like The Hills star Lauren Conrad at the Beverly Hills Hotel's newish Nineteen 12 bar anytime soon. According to a recent guest there, doormen at the bar—where a vodka tonic will set you back an unsavory $18—have been given a strict edict by management: No trash.
"When the guy with the guest list was giving someone in our party a hard time, he said, 'I'm sorry, but we're trying not to let in people like Paris Hilton and Lauren Conrad,'" laughs Radar's source. (For the record, neither was present at the time). "They've actually hired a ton of security guards to enforce it." Finally, the great city of Los Angeles is home to a place where A-listers like Russell Crowe can sip on $96 glasses of champagne without being bothered by the hoi polloi!

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