Monday, 5 November 2007

Want To Help Out On This Site?

Hi guys! Hollie here - the owner and sole updater of this news blog. I've noticed over the past few weeks that as the site's getting busier, so am I. I have a lot of work on my plate at the moment and I've decided to look for someone experienced and qualified to help me out with posting on the site.

So what am I looking for?
I'm currently looking for a secondary news editor to help me manage the posting of the site. I need someone reliable who has enough free time (up to two hours a day) to find and research news items and post them either to me via e-mail or directly into the blog. I need someone I can trust to do this and someone who is, obviously, literate and educated and able to deal with finding and rewriting news items.

What will I get in return?
Unfortunately, this position is voluntary - as my site doesn't yet bring in any income (although this is something I am looking into pursuing in the future), there's no way I could offer anyone any kind of payment. This is a voluntary role but what you will have is an administrative job on the site - you will be able to access the blog and post for yourself. It's a fun way to get some experience and also to get your name heard. See at the bottom of this post where it says 'Posted by Hollie'? Well that's because this post is published under my account name. If you'd posted it, you could have your name there. So basically what you'll get is a bunch of experience, a fun way to pass time and your name as a poster in the media.

How do I get in touch about it?
If you're interested in taking up this position as secondary news editor, you'll need to e-mail me (on with your name, your current knowledge of Laguna Beach, The Hills and Newport Harbor (i.e. how many seasons & episodes you have watched, the characters you know about or have met in person, how much you follow this site or other news sites regarding the three shows etc), and your qualifications (i.e. how much experience you have in writing previously, if you have GCSE/A Level standard qualifications). Preferably, I'd like someone young (16-25ish) who is a fan of the shows and has time to work on updating the news stories. Basically, you need to impress me (which isn't all that hard). I'll aim to respond to everyone within 3 days provisionally but if I am impressed, I'll be contacting you with more details and hoping to conduct a more in-depth type interview correspondence to find out if you are suitable.

If you have any more questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me - see the 'Contact Us' box to the right or e-mail the above given address.

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