Friday, 20 April 2007

J-Wahl Makes The Most of His Time Before Jail

Hey, J-Wahl : you're an idiot. Understood, you're going to jail. Understood, you wanna have fun before you go. What's not understood? The fact that you consistently, without fail, make yourself look like an asshole.

Jason has until May 4th to turn himself in and start his 60-day jail sentence after four, that's right, four arrests recently. But does Jason care? Does he hell. Come on guys, Jason is way too cool for school (note irony).

Since Jason was given his two-month sentence, he's been arrested again - this time for assault. So jail ain't gunna be a party, Jason. And for sure LC's not gonna care once you're locked up.

Oh, and Jason? No-one's interested in your 'sex tape'. You won't make any money from that, dude, so you're pretty much stuck.

What can I say, dude? BUSTED.

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