Thursday, 3 July 2008

Poll Results In: Who Are You Most Interested In Reading About?

Four-hundred and thirty of you voted, and the results are now in.

1. With 44% of the votes, Lauren Conrad is who you most of you are interested in reading about. 

2. In second place - Laguna Beach alum and party girl Kristin Cavallari, who 24% of you would like to hear more about.

3. Coming in at third is 'The Hills' in general - 16% of you like reading about Whitney, Audrina, Lo and the ins and outs of life in LA for our favorite starlets.

4. In fourth place with 11% of the votes are the cast of Newport Harbor.

5. And last (and perhaps least), Heidi Montag. The life of Spencer Pratt's arm candy seems to interest just 3% of you!


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