Friday, 4 January 2008

Heidi Sucks Up to Lauren and Gets a New Year's Resolution

Heidi Montag seems to be busying herself recently, noticeably without boyfriend Spencer Pratt. She showed off her new plumped lips - see image - and has reached out to ex-BFF turned enemy Lauren Conrad via her MySpace page. It appears she's ready to brush things under the carpet and move on.

"I just hope everyone is starting 2008 with a fresh clean slate," she writes, "like I am...the past is the past...and it is time for people to move on from negative influences in their lives and be more positive! I know at least I am going to try as hard as possible even when people don't deserve kindness...I am still going to give them kindness! Also people should try not to judge other people in 2008!"

Oh, Heidi. How sweet of you. Really. She also promised she'd "stay way more in-touch with [her] MySpace friends that are so loving and supportive. I will be trying to answer all my messages this year and respond to all questions!"

Montag failed to mention Pratt, with whom she recently called off her engagement. Finally, Heidi wished all her friends (virtual and hopefully non-virtual) "a healthy, safe, loving, amazing, blessed New Year!"

You too Heidi. Let's hope it's Spencer-free too!

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