Tuesday, 22 May 2007

The Dedication Groups: Facebook

It seems that anywhere you go, the endless LC vs Kristin debate will follow. Just browsing Facebook the other day I came across loads of groups - pro-Kristin, anti-LC, you name it. There's even one group for members who claim to have "eye-f*cked Stephen Colletti". No kidding.

Anyway, out of boredom if nothing else, I collated a load of these groups to put up here incase any of you Superfans out there were interested!

Here are just a few, but go searching on Facebook and I promise you won't be disappointed:

Kristin Cavallari :: RealityLASIK.com - created as, I assume, a municipal way to follow Kristin's laser eye surgery.
Kristin Cavallari is my role model - a quirkier group posing arguably a more daring title - expect so-called 'haters' amongst the members. I have to admit, if I had to join any LB/The Hills group, it'd probably be this one.
Fuck Heidi, I'll be your BFF Lauren - if you've got harsh words on Heidi's treatment of Lauren under the wings of idiot-boyfriend Spencer, voice them here. Or more simply, join if you're just a straight-up fan of LC.
Lauren so should have gone to Paris! - another group I'd be inclined to join, this group is basically for voicing your opinions on whether Lauren made the right choice or the wrong choice when she spent the summer in Malibu with then-boyfriend Jason instead of taking a valuable summer-internship in Paris.
Addicted to Laguna Beach and the Hills - a crossover group for fans of both of MTV's hit reality shows.
If you've got any more suggestions of Facebook/MySpace groups that you think would be worthy of a place in this post, e-mail us, providing the link to the group.

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