Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Kristin To Be Filmed Getting Her Eyes Lasered...and She Still Looks Hot

I'm gradually finding newfound love for Kristin Cavallari in my bottomless pit of a heart.

I resented her after Season 2 finished because I never wanted to stop watching her life - she was by far the most intriguing, original character there. In my opinion.

It looks as though my prayers have finally been answered. Kristin's got a new show - and whilst we can't exactly call it TV, I'm still really excited.

Kristin will star in a new reality show which will only be broadcast online, here. It's title is 'RealityLA SIK', and it will follow her as she gets the medical procedure to fix her eyesight problems. The show premieres on May 1st online and Kristin will double up the show with her own blog following her procedures.

Kudos must also be given to Kristin, I feel, for looking really hot lately (this comes from a straight girl, by the way. I can just appreciate it when girls look hot. That doesn't make me a lesbian)! Pictured above left is Kristin at the event of Speedy Gonzales by Two Door Clothing. I love Kristin with long hair. She also looked really hot at Movieline’s Hollywood Life 9th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, as the picture right shows. She really looks good in pink.

I still love you Kristin. I'm sorry I ever questioned it!

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