Tuesday, 3 July 2007

MTV's Announcement: New Seasons of The Hills and Laguna Beach!

MTV has had a complete network overhaul under the control of new programming topper Tony DiSanto (responsible for producing both Laguna Beach and The Hills). Within his new rulings, DiSanto will commission longer series of some programmes, and shorter ones of others.

Within his new plans, DiSanto has virtually doubled the run for 'The Hills', commissioning an 18-episode series. MTV has also ordered a fourth season of hit show 'Laguna Beach' which it had previously considered cutting. The show will feature an all-new cast, and will "be very much in vein of the show's first season - following a group of classmates in their final year of high school". It won't be shot at Laguna Beach High School, where all three previous seasons have been set, but instead at a currently unnamed Orange County high school - most probably in Newport Beach - and could be set to air later on this year. Execs have yet to decide whether to retain the 'Laguna Beach' title or change it to reflect its new area.

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