Sunday, 3 June 2007

Kristin Cavallari's Mom is Really Hot

Kristin Cavallari's mom features in the latest two episodes of her RealityLASIK™ online show - and boys, she's a hottie.

Kristin's mom, who lives in Denver, Colorado, came to visit Kristin just weeks before she underwent the life-changing eye surgery. The latest two episodes show Kristin taking her mom out for a Mother's Day dinner in Malibu, and Kristin's mom even talks to the camera about Kristin's Yorkshire Terrier, Rocco. Now that's a mom for you.

If any of you ever saw Laguna, you'll know Kristin looks a lot like her dad, Dennis (not as much as Mike - Kristin's older brother - though), but the resemblance is pretty striking here too. They both have really cute noses for one!

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